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Dropbox is the new way to back-up, protect, save, share and access all of your valuable documents. Dropbox can be accessed with any device whether you are at home, work or anywhere with internet connection. If you want to share your latest holiday photos with the family or give a presentation at work, there is no need to carry a flash drive hoping that you don't lose it or leave it somewhere. Dropbox has these files waiting for you when you need them. All you need to do is log in and simply find the file that you are searching for.

Users can choose to automatically sync their documents to their other devices. When a change is made on any device, it is automatically changed on all of the devices. The team at Dropbox have thought hard about how they can simplify and streamline the way that we access, save and share files, and it's no wonder their final product is used widely by successful businesses around the world. 

Dropbox is recommended for all of your valuable files, whether these be precious photos, school projects or Business notes. If anything should happen to your device, you are still able to retrieve your files by logging into your dropbox account from any device. 

Dropbox supports group projects by providing a quick way to share files without the need for emailing back and forth. When somebody edits the document, everybody will be able to see the changes immediately. Providing an online space for people to collaborate from their own home. 

Took some great photos on vacation and want to share them with your family? Dropbox facilitates file sharing even if the recipient doesn't have a Dropbox account. Just attach the photos to the link provided and click send! It could not be more simple! 

Need to send a large file to a colleague? Dropbox is able to share large files that can't be shared over email, and it only takes a few seconds! 

Dropbox provides software for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux for Google Android, Apple IOS,  BlackBerry OS, and Web Browsers. 

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