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Join the Web Surfing Safari Revolution!

Safari is the best way to surf the web. It's saves the battery on your device due to it being more energy efficient than other browsers. This also means that websites are more responsive which saves you time. Safari has privacy features which means that your browsing is your business. Safari is well-equipped with tools that help you to access, share and save favourites quickly and easily.Safari and iCloud allow you to access your browsing content on all devices so that you dont have to spend time re-searching content.

  • Saves Battery Life
  • Private browsing modes to avoid targeted ads, harmful sites, and to keep your browsing to yourself
  • Make your most used sites easy to access by Pinning them to your web browser
  • Share a site with others without having to leave it
  • Read news articles and other reading material easily with a reading mode that allows you to change font type and size and doesn't show distacting ads

Safari saves battery life by taking adavantage of technology built into Mac so that your battery lasts longer between charging. Safari also supports Netflix. Compared with other browsers, Safari allows you to watch Netflix for up to four hours longer! Users are also able to browse the internet through safari for up to two hours longer than with other browsers

Private browsing windows allow you to search the web by not remembering the pages that you visit, your search history, or your AutoFill details. The tabs in private browsing mode prevents websites on other tabs from tracking what you browse. This also prevents third-party cookies on other sites from tracking what you browse. This means that they cannot target you with ads or create profiles of your online activities. Safari protects it's user from harmful or fraudulent sites. Safari will warn you if you are entering a suspicious looking site.

Safari allows you to pin your favourite or most used sites such as your favourite news site, facebook, webmail etc. These will be found on the left side of your tab bar for easy access.

Safari makes it easier for users to share sites with others. By clicking the share button, users can select how they want to share the site, whether it be Mail, Facebook, Twitter, AirDrop, Messages or just adding to a note. Safari also gives the user an opportunity to add a comment or location when sharing a site to others.

Safari lets the user read articles in an easy-to-read layout without ads to prevent distraction. Users are able to change font size and style to suit their reading capabilities.

Do you ever experience a tab playing an ad or music and you cant find it? Safari allows the user to mute this or find where it is coming from with the click or hold of the mute button on your keyboard.

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