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Audacity is a digital audio editor that lets you record, edit and play sounds, and it's perfect for making podcasts, creating your own music, or turning old vinyls into music you can listen to from your computer or MP3 player.

Start by downloading the audio file you want to edit or by creating your own recording in Audacity. .MP3, .WAV. AIFF, and Ogg Vorbis file formats are all compatible with the software.

Then use Audacity's powerful editing tools to make the sound exactly the way you want it. The waveform representation of the sound file gives you a great visual with which to work. You can easily see which areas you want to cut and paste. You can mix tracks, cut background noise, fade, trim and normalize, and remove hissing and humming.

Audacity has a variety of other great features as well. You can change the music pitch and tempo independently, so that changes to one don't affect the other. Audacity lets you analyze the sound file for silence as well as add periods of silence where you want them. Use the karaoke tool to remove vocals, and create audio loops with the looping tool.

With Audacity plugins, you can do even more, including tone generators, noise generators, special effects, instruments, ramp panning, stereo butterfly, harmonic enhancer, and many more. Plugins are easy to install and don't even required Audacity to restart.

Record new sounds in order to add background music or voice overs, and easily lay these over your original track. Once you've created and edited your sound file, you can burn it to a cd or save it in one of the supported file formats

You can even convert cassette tapes and records into digital tracks, as well as record from keyboards, TVs, DVD players, DVRs, portable MP3 players, and other computers.

Audacity supports dozens of languages, and it produces high quality sound. It's compatible with 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit,and 64-bit processing.

Whether you want to create a simple podcast or make a musical work of art, Audacity has the powerful audio tools to get the job done!

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