Bandicam is a high performance Game Recorder, Video Capture, and Screen Recording Software.
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Bandicam is a software that can be used to record AVI or MP4 videos of applications and games that uses DirectX/OpenGL graphics such as WOW and Minecraft. Video recording can be done in full screen or part of the screen only. It also records background sounds, so that the user can choose to play music or include the game's sound effects for an improved recording experience.

Main features of Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the best recording softwares out there, programmed with the needed settings expected of its kind. It is well-equipped with tools needed for an ideal recording software. Bandicam has an H.264, MPEG 4/1 and MJPEG video codec support and an audio codec support of PCM and MPEG-1. It enhances recording by supporting hardware accelerated H.264 encoders by Nvidia CUDA/NVENC, Intel Quick Sync and AMD APP.

The software is user-friendly, especially to those who lack experience in using this kind of programs. Its main window displays in tabs the user's choices for recording such as output folder and format for video and audio. It also allows you to take good quality image capture of games and videos in BMP, PNG and JPEG format whether in single or continuous capturing. Customized hot keys can be set up and remapped to any key. This is convenient for gamers who don't want to fumble for the start/stop key in the middle of an intense game.

Why choose Bandicam?

The software uses up lower CPU/GPU/HDD which significantly reduces lagging in comparison to other softwares. The video recorded is highly compressed resulting to a smaller file size while maintaining the quality to still be close to the original. Consequently, videos can be uploaded to sites without needing to convert. AVI 2.0 is supported which means the file size that can be created is limitless, as long as there is still enough space in the local hard drive.

The Auto Complete Recording function makes it possible to record for a duration of 24 hours non-stop. High definition videos can be recorded at sizes up to 3840x2160. It can handle video recordings up to 120 fps, the best anyone can get from a game recording software. The FPS number is shown at the corner of the screen while it is running.

Frame rate can be customized in accordance with the user's preferences which enables balancing between the quality and efficiency of recordings. Bandicam supports mouse click effects, highlighting, and drawing shapes and lines in real time. Finally, when combined with proper microphone recording, the program becomes perfect for making tutorials.

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