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Switch, match, and crush your way to candy dominance in this deliciously addictive puzzle game!
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The world’s most downloaded game! Who wouldn’t love over 2,000 levels of sweet, sweet candy goodness? Mix and match sugary candies to delicious dominance as you join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee on a tasty journey!

This puzzle game, not to be confused with Bejeweled, was developed by the British game-developer Like in Bejeweled, you must match three items of the same color by switching them with each other in order to pass each level. What makes Candy Crush a more enjoyable game, though, are the story modes, more challenging goals, characters, and, most importantly, yummy candies instead of jewels.

There are five types of Levels in the game: moves levels, jelly levels, ingredients levels, timed levels, and candy order levels. Moves levels are the easiest levels, in which you must accumulate a certain number of points to advance. In Jelly levels, you must remove all of the jelly on the board by crushing the candy in its square. To beat the ingredients level, you must bring all of the needed ingredients to the bottom of the board. In the rare timed level, you most score enough points before the timer runs out to advance. To win candy order levels, the you must collect a certain amount of candies, candy combinations or blockers before your moves run out.

The many elements certainly add a lot of depth to the game, be it special candies, blockers, boosters, or random events that challenge you. A special candy is a candy with special powers that are activated when it is matched and crushed. For example, the striped candy, the most common special candy, can clear an entire row or column in one swipe! While the special candies can aid you on your quest, blockers often make it more difficult. Blockers are an object that prevents you from getting to the candy in its square. Often, you can eliminate them by making a match in an adjacent square. While blockers can be annoying, boosters can make your life easier! You can buy and obtain boosters as you play, and activate them before you start each level.

As continues to add more levels, episodes, and even a sequel, the fun surely isn’t going to run out anytime soon. We will all continue hopelessly addicted to the sweetest game ever for ages to come!

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