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Everything in the current time is on the go with technological advancement in IT services. Whatever you need, you can find it in your smartphone or tablet device no matter where you are. A large portion gaming applications are downloaded everyday from the app stores. Gaming industry experienced an upward trend in the demand for gaming software ever since the launch of these smart and portable electronic devices.

Clash of clans is an addictive game brought by the popular Supercell Mobile Games Developer. It is available for Windows and Mac (with Bluestacks), Android, Apple iOS users. Clash of clans was created with the aim of making it a social game that can be played for years to come with friends and family. It is a fun game that has recently become extremely popular among people, especially on social media.

The game was initially launched in 2012, and ever since there have been numerous upgrades on it to augment players’ overall experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and play. Not only is it a fun way to pass your spare time but also a good learning activity that will align the players’ ability to make strategic plans.

This tactful and challenging game for the players will get them hooked to it no time. Interestingly enough, it is a game that is equally enjoyed and played by adolescents as well as adults.

Clash Of Clan is an epic strategy game in which the player has to plan and customize their village land in a way that they can secure it from outside attack.

Players build and train their own troops to combat the opponents for gold, and elixir. Elixir can be used to construct fortresses and barriers that will protect one player from being attacked by another. The troops are divided into three tiers, dark Elixir and Heroes. And to store gold and Elixir, gold mines and storage space is built by players.

The thrilling Clash of clans is played on the battlefield with full enthusiasm. It is simple yet challenging and is mostly one player against other players, which makes it more fun and rewarding. It has successfully passed the test of time and is still being popularly played by millions of people around the globe. It is a multiplayer game, but can also be played individually to attack other defended villages. Clans are formed with players that combine resources to fight enemy by donating gold and elixir or just advising a combat strategy.

For updates on the battlefield, players can follow the Clash Of Clan team on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The Clash Of Clan community can visit the forum specially designed to answer queries, make relevant announcements, solve bugs, and share new tactics to play.

Clash of clans is an ideal example of a game that has managed to retain players’ interest and devotion intact despite the number of years that have gone by. It is only supported by Google Android and Apple iOS. This game is easy to download and install and above all it is absolutely free.

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