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Revolutionize your downloads with Internet Download Manager! IDM is a tool that optimizes your download speed, making downloads up to 5 times faster, and allows you to completely organize your files. With this versatile yet simple tool you can download video from steaming sites and restart interrupted downloads, even when they are caused by network or computer problems, with ease. It integrates with your web browser, making it incredibly easy to use.

By dynamically dividing downloads into multiple streams, IDM dramatically accelerates your download speeds, sometimes by up to 5 times. IDM uniquely segments downloading files into streams and reuses available connections to give you the best possible performance.

IDM also allows you to take control of and completely organize your files. With it, you can organize downloads automatically by download category.

Using IDM, you can “grab” and download videos from steaming sites and embedded video players. This feature can be used on popular video sharing and streaming sites such as Youtube and Dailymotion. Simply install IDM and a "Download This Video" button pops up whenever you are watching a video anywhere online! You can then download any video with one click. 

IDM will also resume an unfinished download wherever it left off. Even if your computer shuts down, you lose your internet connection, or you suffer a power outage, it will recover your download and pick up right where it was interrupted. 

IDM includes several other useful and time saving features, including anti-virus checking, drag-and-drop, the website spider, and download limits. Anti-virus checking protects you from downloading viruses and Trojans. With drag-and-drop, you can easily drag and drop links into IDM, and drag completed files and drop them wherever you would like. With the website spider feature, you can automatically download specific files from a website using filters. For example, you can set it to download all of the pictures from a website, or download complete pages for offline viewing. Also, if you have a limited or fair access internet plan, you can set download limits that keep you under your quota.

Simply install IDM and integrate it with your browser of choice. Surf the web as normal, and click download links as you have always done, with one click. IDM will then take over, accelerating and revolutionizing your downloads!

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