With over 30,000,000 Users, Driver Booster 3 will protect your PC from hardware failures & keep drivers up-to-date.
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Driver Booster 3

Device drivers that are not updated may cause hardware failure and crashes in the system. Driver Booster 3 is a software that helps prevent this by scanning the user’s computer for drivers that are already obsolete and updating them with the latest driver from its online database that contains tons of drivers to choose from.

It can also scan automatically when a program is launched or a device is connected to the computer. The user can also set regular intervals at which scanning can be done daily, weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Upon detecting devices that are out of date, they can be immediately updated one by one or all at once with a single click.

Why choose Driver Booster 3

The Driver Booster Software is very easy to use. Its interface is pleasant to the eyes with the use of skins. The buttons are clearly defined and easy to understand. There is a button that enables the user to send an email or contact the 24/7 on-duty technical support for any questions or concerns regarding the program. Driver booster 3 also reminds the user and does it automatically every time the system needs a reboot during update.

Scanning using Driver Booster 3 is smooth and quick. Users can be assured that no unnecessary updates are being implemented. Downloading and installation is done in the background such that the user can attend to other tasks in his computer while scanning is in progress. It has minimal impact on the performance of the computer’s system, lagging is not a concern. The software can be set up to turn off the computer once it is finished with the installation of the updates.

Driver Booster 3 ensures that drivers have a back-up and restoration points are created before performing the actual installation of updates. All drivers that are used for updating are WHQL-tested. The Ignored List feature is useful in cases when the computer or its components are not compatible with the latest drivers. The Uninstall and Rollback feature makes sure that the user’s computer is secured once something unexpected occurs. The Restore and Backup feature allows returning to the previous driver used.

If you are a gamer, you’d love the fact that Driver Booster 3 offers satisfactory gaming experience by enabling installation of game components or applications that specifically caters to avid gamers.

The Driver Booster 3 is one of the most trusted software in its field. It is easily accessible, user-friendly and fast to install without offering any updates that are not needed. This is definitely recommended for users who have limited knowledge in updating.

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