Forget Photoshop, Fotor is the simple photo editor for cropping, filters, editing, and organizing photos.
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The rapidly evolving technological era has ushered a new wave of smartphones and tablet devices. These handy and smart devices have an in-built applications store from which a diverse variety of utilities, games and social apps can be directly downloaded to your device. With the development of these highly practical and useful applications, smartphones have now become an all in one electronic device.

Fotor Photo Editor is a step ahead of regular photography. Along with being available on the market for Windows, Mac and Windows 8, it can also be downloaded from Google Play and App Store available for devices run by Android and Apple respectively. Fortor Photo Editor application has a simple interface and is very epic in scope and utility. Fotor app allows editing pictures, making picture collage and designing greeting cards free and fun. Fortor Photo Editor application brings ingenious ideas at the forefront. It is very useful in celebrating special occasions by sharing virtual gifts with loved ones.

The awesome new filters, backgrounds, themes, and picture effects available on this application give a superb touch to images, making them look totally professional. The heart and soul of Fotor editor that outdoes all other picture editing applications is it’s picture editor that can crop, resize, rotate, and enhance images by adjusting its brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness.

The funky and cool effects, photo frames, stickers, drawings and captions unleash the creativity within a user. Multiple photo edit tools can be applied to the same image and the final version can be saved on your device. It creates a duplicate image and retains the original image as well.

With Fotor Photo Editor making picture collages has become very easy and quick. Users can arrange pictures in shapes and designs of their choice. Picture stitching and creating personalized collages will discover the inner artist in people who use it.

With the High- Dynamic-Range photography in this application, users can create images look as if real. This high-tech camerawork by Fotor is exceptionally convenient as all that needs to be done is to upload an image, taken under three different exposure settings and leave the rest on the magical application, which takes only a few seconds in transforming the image by adjusting all details. The best thing about this application is that one does not have to further download anything.

Everyone is naturally beautiful but no one looks best in every photo they take. With the beauty photo retouching kit, Fotor makes skin smoothing, blemish and wrinkle removing, teeth whitening and face reshaping possible and easy. It produces a flawless image in no time.

The Fotor’s card making tool presents photos in a heart warming and exciting new way. Customized cards and templates not only look innovative but also attach human emotions in the best possible way.

The versatile banner maker tool has made it easier for people to create cover photos and banners for social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Anyone can create exclusive banners with Fotor and share them on social media.

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