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Free Flash Player is a flash player for audio and video, and it supports streaming videos to the web. It's a simple, streamlined tool that does what it's supposed to do without complicated clutter.

Whether you want to watch videos or listen to audio files, Free Flash Player has simple, yet versatile features that allow you to do it all. You can view videos that are in the popular FLV format and also play video files in EXE format. You can also view video clips in small icons, large icons, a thumbnail or just the details, and play movies on a full screen. It supports a variety of audio formats, making it easy to listen to music or pod casts.

You can stream from your webcam to the web and produce HD quality videos, and you can also use Free Flash Player to create a screen saver or use any image as your desktop wallpaper.

Free Flash play is compatible with the Adobe flash platform, and you can browse Macromedia flash movies using the built in viewer. It works on most browsers and operating systems as well.

You can move, copy, delete and rename the flash files you download and save. You can also save these files in a specific directory, and the software will help you configure the settings. Free Flash Player also lets you capture the flash movie image and save it in it's own file.

You won't have to register or sign up for anything to use Free Flash Player. Download this simple, yet versatile flash player today!


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