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Game of War is a global online role playing game (RPG) where players build their kingdoms, form alliances, attack other alliances,and ultimately seek to achieve the status of Emperor.

Game play includes player vs. player mode or player vs. environment mode, and you can play in weekly kingdom vs. kingdom combats.

You begin by gathering stone, wood, ore, and food, and crafting weapons to start building and supporting your army. Then research new technologies to make your kingdom stronger. You'll need to gather 3 different types of materials- standard materials, seasonal materials and monster materials- by farming, killing monsters, finding chests, and by winning them when you complete quests and defeat opponents.

Strategy is the name of the game, as hundreds of factors determine how successful your kingdom becomes. There is no end to the ways you can get what you need to win. You can get boosts to make construction faster, extra power for fighting monsters, and gems to buy supplies for your army.

Other armies may destroy your town and kill your armies, but you'll have opportunities for revenge. You may even find yourself making an alliance with a former enemy as situations change and you must do what you can to survive. Team up with other players to form alliances of up to 100 players. You can collaborate with other players in your alliance and make daring political moves to oust your opponents.

Battle with other players who are at or near your level, while striving to level up to compete with the more developed kingdoms. You can defend your kingdom from other armies by creating defensive structures, and defeat monsters trying to steal your loot.

Pay attention to what's happening in your kingdom and the world, as you'll need to time your war and building efforts to have the most impact.

Play on a world-sized map in this truly global game that translates real time chats from many languages so people from all over the world can communicate and play together. The game uses crowd-sourcing to correct mistranslated words and gives players rewards for helping make the translator better.

Download Game of War today, and build your empire in this epic strategy game!

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