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GBA Emulator or Game Boy Advance Emulator lets you play all of those awesome, old Game Boy games that you remember from your childhood, or you can share them with your kids who have no idea what original video games were like. These games were the foundation of all of the apps and computer games we have today, and sometimes the classics are just more fun. Unlike 15 years ago, you don't have to carry around a bulky hand held gaming device. Now you have an even better gaming device right on your phone!

After you download GBA Emulator, you can find many free ROMS to play games such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Super Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Legend of Zelda, Mario Cart, Yu-gi-oh!, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Naruto, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy and dozens more.

GBA Emulator has a variety of features. The Cheat feature allows you to access game cheats for unlimited money or items, unlocking characters, or skipping to your favorite levels. You can buy master balls and rare candy on Pokemon, unlock characters on Dragonball Z, get infinite energy on Mortal Combat, get extra banana coins on Donkey Kong, and use hundreds of other cheats on many other games.

You can use the Fast Forward feature to skip over the parts of the game that bore you, and you can get 100% speed emulation. You can also customize the layout of the controls so you can play the way you want.

GBA Emulator has compressed file support, so you can extract ROMS you downloaded in a compressed format, saving you time and making distribution easier.

Because touch screen controls are hard to use, especially for games with fast speeds, and they make it hard to see, with your fingers blocking the screen, the GBA Emulator has physical controller capabilities. It allows you to connect to a normal game-boy style controller, using your phone as a game screen.

Download GBA Emulator now, and start reminiscing with friends about these awesome vintage games!
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