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Glary Utilities

The Windows Operating System regularly requires a quality check done by other applications. A lot of software are available that are expected to optimize, clean, and create minor modifications in the system. However, only a select few are deemed to be effective, secure, and simplistic in design. Glary Utilities is the recommended tool when it comes to cleaning the PC and maximizing its use. The program is equipped with about 20 different tools to serve unique functions under the following areas:

Cleanup and Repair

The program can help detect and remove unnecessary clutter such as system temporary files, empty folders, duplicate files and invalid shortcuts in the system, web browser and applications. It also resolves problems in the registry of the system. Outdated programs, incompatible drivers and many others are removed.

Optimization and Improvement

Glary Utilities allows the user to manage applications, plug-ins and services by adding, activating, removing or deactivating them. A text file of the list can be generated. Issues in disk fragmentation are fixed. Proper care for the computer is ensured wherein the hard drives are checked, backup of drivers are created and installed software is updated. Usage of available memory can be optimized manually or automatically.

Privacy and Security

The program contains tools that detect and remove privacy issues in the system and web browser. Files can be destroyed permanently to prevent being accessed by other people. It utilizes the most innovative method for file deletion. For those who have erased their files by mistake, restoration is still possible if the file is not damaged or overwritten.

Files and Folders

Information regarding files and folders saved in the user's hard drive are analyzed. Detailed info such as size and location are provided. Extremely huge files can be split into smaller files and put back together depending on the user's preferences.

System Tools

Glary Utilities give comprehensive details about the operating system, devices used, display properties and network settings. A backup of the Windows registry can be created and restored.

Why choose Glary Utilities

The interface of this software has been improved in order to make it user-friendly and easy to understand. The one click functionality of the program enables efficiency. This powerful and effective tool can be downloaded and is free to use for 30 days.

Moreover, installation is quick and easy as it is guided by an installation wizard. It can fit well with any Windows operating system, whether it be an old PC or a new laptop. It is one of the best of its kind, having good quality, reliability and efficiency. With Glary Utilities, dilemmas regarding system performance will no longer be a concern.

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