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Google has created some of the best applications on the web, including email, youtube, drive, maps and more, so it only makes sense that the most popular search engine in the world would create an outstanding web browser.

Google Chrome has a clean, minimalist user interface, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's short on options. The browser boasts many features that allow you to customize it, set your preferences, and sync your devices.

The Omnibox is Chrome's name for the address bar that also functions as a search bar. With Google's highly advanced algorithms working for you, the search prediction feature is highly accurate and occasionally highly amusing. It's also one of the fastest of the most popular browsers.

The syncing features allow you to seamlessly move between your iOS, Android and desktop devices. You can sync bookmarks, browser history, tabs, passwords, themes, preferences, extensions, auto-fill entries, and Omnibox history. You can even sync with multiple users, which is a great feature for family shared computers. The parental -control feature is useful for both family shared computers and monitoring kids with their own device. Parental controls allow you to see what your kids are doing online by syncing with their Supervised User account. You can set time limits, see activity, restrict sites and more.

You can choose whether or not to sign on to your Google account when you set up Chrome. Not signing on provides more privacy options, while signing in is required for features like syncing. However, if you're concerned about privacy, but still want to sign in, you can use the incognito mode to browse privately. Incognito mode doesn't track your browsing, and it deletes passwords and cookies.

The browser also comes with other useful applications that install automatically, including Adobe flash and PDF reader. These update automatically as well, saving you time and effort.

Google knows how important it is to stay safe on the web, so anti-malware and anti-phishing protections are included with the installation of the browser. These features will warn you if you on a site that is not safe, or if you try to download something potentially dangerous.

Other great features include using themes to change the background, and creating desktop shortcuts to your favorite apps. You can also easily turn tabs into their own windows, by simply dragging them to the desktop. One of the most frustrating things about any browser is having it crash. With Chrome, if one tab crashes, the other tabs don't crash along with it.

Google Chrome's speed, sleek user interface and variety of useful features make it an excellent browser choice. Click Downlaod Now to join the millions of people who know that Google Chrome is another top-notch Google product.

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