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Instagram is a photo and video sharing app and a social media site that makes ordinary photos extraordinary and lets you share them with friends.

You can use Instagram's photo editing tools to make awesome images. Add filters, scale images and adjust brightness and contrast. You can also make images look retro or black and white. Add captions and geotag, then share your pictures!

You can take videos directly from the Instagram app for up to 15 seconds. Delete portions of your shot as you go and use the added stabilizers to make a quality video. You can also import videos from other sources, and you can pick the start and end points for the 15 second time limit. Use transitions, pulling focus, and chopping and sequencing to create professional looking videos. You can even create fun stop-motion videos.

Instagram also has a variety of filters from which to choose. The Claredon filter deepens shadows and makes light areas brighter. The Gingham filter gives a yellowish tone to dark photos. The Lark filter intensifies all colors except for red. Other filters include Reyes for a vintage feel, Moon for black and white, and Juno which makes reds, yellows and oranges pop.

Tell your story and share it with your friends, and follow their feeds as well. You can comment on their pictures and “like” them in a similar fashion to liking facebook posts. You can also see popular Instagram shots from all users.

You can easily share to other social media sites directly from Instagram by setting it up to autoshare to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Posterous.

You can categorize your pictures and videos according to the location in which they were shot. When you geotag the images, Instagram automatically sorts them and displays them on a map. If you're concerned about privacy for yourself or your child's account, you can opt out of geotagging.

Whether you're a professional photographer who needs a platform to show off your work or you just like to snap fun photos, play around with effects and share them with your friends, Instagram is the perfect photo sharing app.

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