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A whole new level of browser experience can now be found in Internet Explorer. The last of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer series, Internet Explorer 11 is sure to blow away every Web user’s expectation of IE. Internet Explorer 11 has come with new brilliant features that separates it from its predecessors and competitors.

Windows 8.1 Users’ Best Friend Originally designed for Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 can also be downloaded for Windows 7 computers. A user can easily update their previous IE version through the Update Feature, or download it separately.

Packed with New Developer Features Microsoft has made sure that IE 11 contains features that cannot be found in its earlier versions—the IE 9 and IE 10—making it a whole lot better. The key highlights of this newest version includes a more streamlined interface, WebGL Support, a whole new improved and leading JavaScript performance, a more developed navigation bar, and a brand new toolset designed for developers.

This developer toolset comes with a new cluster of tools which allows memory testing and debugging. Users can also simulate previous versions of browsers, a helpful feature not found in other IE browsers.

The WebGL Support has made it possible to view crisp 3D graphics on a computer fast and without lagging. Other media such as HTML videos are rendered with a supreme, professional quality, too. Now, users can enjoy smoother gaming experience or watch their favourite 3D movies on their computer or mobile screens.

The following are more highlights of the Internet Explorer 11:

30% faster than many leading browsers Accelerators – Supported web applications can open even without navigating to them. InPrivate features for private browsing SmartScreen to filter phishing Availability and support for more useful web applications Pin your favourite websites easily on the Start Page.

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 detects the specs of the device or mobile phone so that it fits the size of the device and calculates how many tabs can open. It also saves tabs so that users can open their browser right where they left off. For Windows 8.1 phones, the Reading Mode provides a crisper quality of text for an enhanced viewing of e-books and other digital files.

Internet Explorer 11, with all its enhanced professional features, still manages to reduce its data consumption by 60-80% by selecting only the important elements of a page to show. It’s been proven that it uses lesser memory than other contemporary browsers.

With IE 11, you can now refrain from using the slow and outdate and start using the fast, more updated and touch-enabled browsing experience. Download Internet Explorer 11 now for your Windows or Mac computer.

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