Java is used by over 850 million users and devices worldwide.
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Java for All Your Internet Needs

When you are bored, what do you do? Do you play those online games on Facebook or do you chat and catch up with your friends online? When you’re studying for your frog dissection exam in Biology, do you review the concepts by taking an interactive dissection in the web? Or maybe you just simply kill time by browsing through various websites and amusing yourself with GIFs and animations. But do you ever take the time to wonder at how all these things are possible?

We sometimes get so used to things like this that we don’t really think about how it works anymore. Every time we log on to the Internet, we take these things for granted and expect them to work every single time. Did you even consider that someone and something is behind these technological advances we’re enjoying right now? One of those wizards in the Internet world is called Java and you have that to thank for all the amazing things we’re able to do online.

The ubiquitous Java

Java is everywhere—that is what ubiquitous basically means. It’s just like bacteria—you don’t really see it but you encounter it every single day of your life. Sometimes, it may cause uproar, or at least a slight disturbance in your wonderfully calm life if something goes wrong with it. But as soon as it’s resolved, we immediately forget about it again.

Java is such a wonderful technology that we know so little about. Yes, we understand that it does make our online surfing experience the best it can be but that can be a little bit of an understatement. If you were a computer programmer, there would be no question as to what Java really is. But if you’re a mere Internet prowler like I am, here are just two of the reasons why Java is the all- powerful Internet god we should be raving about more often:

  • Security

Without going into the nitty gritty of computer programming, Java simply makes our web browsing more secure. It blocks malwares or viruses from accessing sensitive information and applications in our computers.

  • Easy to learn

From the programmer’s point of view, Java is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It allows a programmer to develop scripts and applets that will help a lot of users in the long run.

So whether you’re a programmer or a hapless Internet user, Java is really a great tool. Not only does it make Internet usage possible, it is actually a necessity.

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