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Kerbal Space Program is a flight simulator, combat video game created by Squad for Windows, PlayStation 4, OS X and Linux. As the name suggests, the game centers around a space program and allows players to design and fly spaceships. It is set on a fictional planet named Kerbin, which is populated by an intelligent alien race known as the Kerbals. Players have full freedom to experiment with different strategies over the course of the game.

The players are required to build a ship worthy of flying its crew into outer space without injuring or killing anyone. There is an assortment of parts and components at the characters’ disposal, with which they have to design a strong and functional spaceship. There is technique and strategy involved in the game, as each individual part has a unique function and impacts the way the spacecraft flies.

The game can be frustrating for players due to the multiple options available and the high margin for error. It is full of challenges and has many new worlds to be explored. Players may have to consult mechanics guides in order to build a fully functional spaceship. This makes Kerbal Space Program a full-scale strategy game.

There are difficulty levels to the game. It is easy to travel into orbit, but venturing to the outer reaches of the Kerbal world is quite tough. It can be a hard game to learn, due to the vast amounts of technical strategy required, but the pressure and tension the game entails is phenomenal. There is a lot of fast-paced thrill and excitement involved, which adds to the space adventure.

Kerbal Space Program is ideal for players who are interesting in the outer space. It affords a unique window to observe the layout of the solar system and its various components. The aim is to build a ship that will hold its own against the rigors of space. You can fly missions from your space centre anywhere in the vast reaches of space. Of course, the level of difficulty increases as you embark on each new mission, but that is part of the unique thrill and sense of adventure the game provides.

There is a veritable solution and strategy for everything you set out to do. For instance, if you lose one of your astronauts in space, you can launch a search and rescue operation to recover them later. Behind its videogame exterior is a demanding and rigorous stratagem that requires users to double-think their every move and every action. It is like flying an actual space operation; every step counts and a single slip-up can make or break a mission.

You earn space points with your space explorations, which you can then use to design and build more powerful and intricate rockets and spaceships. This is how the game progresses, with approximately half the player’s time spent in constructing new spacecraft using the newly cracked rocket parts, and then flying that rocket on a mission. The game teaches players the elaborate technical skills required to design spacecraft and then maneuver them through the unfamiliar terrain of outer space.

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