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Kik lets you connect with friends, groups and over 240 million users around the world through chat.
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Kik Messenger

Instant messaging applications are well loved by most mobile users. An example of this is Kik Messenger, an app that enables sending messages, photos, links, webpages, and other content. This app lets the user to know that the message is immediately sent. It also indicates if the other person is typing back. What’s great about Kik is that it’s free. Getting in touch with friends and family members has never been this fast and easy. As of 2014, this app has reached about 120 million users. This means that millions approve of its efficiency.

Compatibility issues

Kik is compatible with most operating systems. IOS, Windows Phone, and Android users can download this without any problems. This is designed very simply; its users won’t have difficulties in taking advantage of its features. Upon installation, the only requirement is a registered account. To accomplish this, one needs to have a username, e-mail, and a unique password. After that, everything else is a breeze.

Using Kik Messenger on a PC or Mac

Kik was originally intended for smartphone users. This has changed and it can now be used on PCs and Macs. This is made possible through the use of the third party software called BlueStacks.

BlueStacks is an emulator that allows the customer to use a mobile-intended app in his or her computer. Even with this version, the app remains free of charge. Heavy users of Kik Messenger may opt for this if they want to experience the perks of using a computer, such as easy typing, longer battery life, bigger screen, etc. Pictures and videos stored on the computer can be conveniently shared to contacts. This is also good news for those who don’t own smartphones.

The customer/user has to download BlueStacks first before getting Kik. Once BlueStacks is installed, Kik can then be found in the app search bar. The user has to click the Kik Messenger icon and continue with the process. Since this is a small file, it won’t take long to download.

Using Kik for PC is a good way of preventing phone bills from skyrocketing. This is way more inexpensive than text message rates. One only needs a reliable Internet connection to reap its benefits.

Other uses

Aside from smartphones and PCs, this can also be downloaded in iPads, iPods, and tablets. This can be enjoyed plainly for fun, such playing games and exchanging YouTube videos, among many others.

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