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League of Legends was one of the first multiplayer online battle arenas in history, and it still remains one of the best. You'll fight in epic battles using strategy, skill, and your character's unique abilities to defeat you opponents.

Play in five-on-five matches on the Summoner's Rift map, where you can battle your foes directly or focus on stealing their resources, depending on what kind of strategy you want to employ. You can also try to kill the dragon or the Baron Nashur, an enormous purple, snake-like creature. Each team has a base with an Inhibitor, a structure that prevents the spawning of Super Minions. When the Inhibitor is destroyed, Super Minions spawn en masse and normal minions are given extra health.

If you want faster, bloodier matches, the Twisted Treeline map pits players against each other in teams of three, surrounded by neutral monsters and populated by turrets.

Other maps include the Howling Abyss, where there is no neutral territory and no healing is permitted, and the Crystal Scar, where fighting is interspersed with quests that provide buffs as the objectives are completed.

You can play as one of a variety of Champions, who have differing levels of attack, defense, difficulty, ability. They also each have additional skills such as Kha'zix's Unseen Threat ability, which causes his blow against the enemy to deal extra damage when he is not visible to the enemy team. Shyvana's Dragon Born ability gives her bonus armor and magic resistance when in dragon form. Each Champion has five of these special abilities, and the variety and uniqueness keeps the game play interesting. Besides magical abilities, Champions also have weapons that must be manually aimed and shot.

Every week, the game rotates 10 new Champions for players to try out, and you can change the look of your Champion with skins.

You can communicate with your team via the built in texting option or by using alerts to communicate quick messages such as “on my way,” “assist me,” and “enemy missing.”

As you level up, you'll unlock Masteries, which are free points. After level 30, you can compete in ranked play against other high level players.

There's a good reason this strategic, action-packed game is highly popular. Download League of Legends today and join the battle!

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