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IOBit Malware Fighter 3

A lot of PC users nowadays realize the importance of protecting their computers against malwares. However, not everyone is willing to pay for anti-malware programs. Because of this, numerous free anti-malware tools emerged, but only a handful can actually do what it's supposed to do. One of these is the IOBit Malware Fighter 3. It provides the protection each user needs free of charge. It gives an even higher quality protection for a reasonable price. This made it a popular option for private users and small businesses.

What the IObit Malware Fighter do

IOBit Malware Fighter 3 conducts a complete and thorough system scan daily to track down even the most hidden infections in the computer. Its Dual-Core anti-malware engine enables it to detect over a million malware like adware, spyware, bots, Trojan, worms, keyloggers, and hijackers. This anti-malware tool removes and quarantines malicious software quickly and efficiently, ensuring the safety of the computer and all its data.

IOBit Malware Fighter 3 is equipped with an anti-hijacking feature, which prevents newly installed software from changing the browser settings without the user's knowledge. It also removes unnecessary plug-ins and toolbars for a better browsing experience.

Malicious websites can illegally access a user's personal information, privacy, and passwords for different online accounts. With IOBit Malware Fighter 3, users are safe from this because it prevents them from accessing potentially harmful websites. Its real-time protection deals with malicious tracking data and other threats on the spot. It covers different areas of the system like the network, files, cookies, browsers, startup, downloads and USB drives. Its regular and extensive scan of the computer system provides you with the ultimate security against annoying malware and potential threats.

Other great features

Aside from conducting comprehensive scans and protecting the system from malware, the IOBit Malware Fighter 3 has other features that would make it a must-have in every PC user's computer.

Silent Mode. This feature enables the tool to run silently in the background. It prevents constant pop-ups and notifications from interrupting the user when he or she is using the computer.

User-Friendly Interface. Its modern and clean design with well-structured options make it easy to navigate the program, even for inexperienced users.

IOBit Cloud. The program allows users to upload suspicious files to the IOBit's website for further analysis, and will be either restored or deleted depending on the result of the evaluation.

It should be noted that IOBit Malware Fighter 3 alone is not enough to fully protect the computer from all possible threats. It is, however, compatible with other antivirus programs and adds that extra security needed to ensure the safety of the system. Overall, Malware Fighter is an easy-to-use, lightweight, yet very efficient anti-malware tool.

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