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Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game where everything is made of blocks. Developed by Mojang and released November 2011, Minecraft has gone on to be a success for the company.

Over 40 million players are in game each month, playing with friends or other players online. Whether it's single player or multiplayer, it's fair to say that Minecraft is popular. The popularity has attracted young children through to adults to play. The ability to build things within a world generated at random gives room for imaginations to go wild.

Minecraft has two game mode types available - Creative Mode and Survival Mode. Each of these have pros and cons, but are useful in their own respective ways.

With Creative Mode, players are given free reign over the world. They can fly around and generally create or destroy things without limits. Creative Mode is often helpful for players working on ideas. Testing redstone circuits or working out materials for buildings are commonplace in this mode. Some people also find it fun to play around in this mode to kill time.

On the flipside, Survival Mode is much the opposite to Creative Mode. Players start in a random location in the world and have to build up to survive. Armed with nothing, players begin to set up their base of operations. If players choose the setting, they could start with a few basic items to make it easier. Players can also customize the settings, making foes tougher, or make death permanent.

Players in Survival Mode progress through the content, making their way through different worlds. Minecraft players will make their way through The Nether, and then The End. These worlds come with their own challenges that add new elements to the game. When players reach The End, they are tasked with slaying the Nether Dragon. The community often says the game is complete when the dragon is slain, but no actual ending exists. The game continues, with some reset options available to make the game replayable. This can be helpful to test options or strategies to find the efficient ways to progress.

In multiplayer, players can choose to play in an open world much like Survival Mode. Some of the more popular servers instead provide mini games or challenges. Such content is popular amongst YouTube content creators. Searching for minecraft videos on the popular video streaming site shows several of these. Among the most popular mini games is Survival Games, an adaptation of the Hunger Games series.

Minecraft has a lot of positivity going for it. The large, diverse community provides a range of content for several to enjoy. Further, gaming reviews from sites like IGN have given high praise for the game. Several other awards and accolades have also been placed under Minecraft's belt.

If you're looking for a game that lets you play with your creativity, give Minecraft a try. It's simple gameplay and flexible game mechanics offers a wealth of creative ideas. It is a game that is enjoyable solo and with friends or other players. The positive reviews and awards is another reason why you're likely to find it fun to play.

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