MKV Player gives you the ability to play video files in MKV format without the need to convert them, 100% Free.
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MKV Player

The MKV, otherwise known as Matroska video, is a file format that is gaining widespread use because of its flexibility. It encompasses numerous formats of video, audio, and subtitles into one potent file.

As its popularity increases, the demand for a video player that can run this file format is likewise surging. The good thing is, MKV video player makes it possible to do just that. Through this software, you can open and run all MKV files without having to look for various software programs compatible with MKV files.

Salient features you will love

– When nothing in this world seems to come for free, this freeware takes exception. You can download it in multiple pcs and devices.
Easy to install
– The software comes with a step by step guide on how you can smoothly install it. Just follow the instructions and nothing will go wrong.
Easy to use
– The interface of the MKV Player is very simple. No need to be a pro to tinker with it.
High Definition
– There are a lot of software out there that claim to run MKV files. However, nothing lives up to the claim of being able to play the MKV files in their optimum quality. Using this software, your multimedia experience will not be ruined by poor quality of videos. The images are clear and the sounds, audible.
– The MKV player is a must-have for those who view mostly MKV files for their multimedia needs. They do not have to install various codec packs to decode MKV files. No need to install other media players too so their desktop appears less cluttered.

How it works

To use MKV player, just browse through the MKV files and run it through the MKV video player. You can also use shortcut keys to perform all other operations. This is another good thing about this freeware.

To open an MKV file, all you need to do is Press "Ctrl + O". To play or pause, simply press "p". To stop playback, hit "q". To play forward, press the left arrow key. To play backward, press the right arrow key. Finally, to switch to full-screen playback, press "f".

You can likewise toy around the playback by pausing and resuming it with the use of your mouse. You may click on the center logo image to begin playing the file. You can also double-click to enjoy a full screen viewing.

Considering these features, there is nothing to hate and everything to love about the easy, light and free MKV player!

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