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Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that combines speed, unique features and the best privacy options of any browser.

Mozilla Firefox was voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy.  Its privacy features include private browsing with tracking protection and the Forget Button, which you can use if you view a site you want deleted from your history. The tracking protection feature stops the websites you visit from collecting and storing your browsing habits.

With Firefox, you can easily tell if the connection to a website is secure or not. A variety of icons notify you if the connection to a site is fully or partially encrypted. You can also tell if the website has received an EV certificate, which means it has gone through a stringent process of identity verification.

Other security features include anti-phishing and anti- malware software which are installed automatically. These features can help protect you from identity theft, viruses, junk mail and unwanted software downloads.

You can sync your phone, tablet and computer.  Sync tabs, passwords, bookmarks and more so you can start a task from one device and seamlessly finish it on another.

Firefox has features that allow you to easily share content on social media sites and connect with your friends. With Firefox Share, you can share to any social media site with the click of a button. With the Hello feature, you can video chat with any of your friends who have a WebRTC supported browser, like Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera. It's easy to use, and you don't even have to open a separate account.

The browser also has thousands of add-ons that allow you to customize the appearance, change the language, get instant access to your favorite blogs, shop your favorite websites with the tap of a touch pad, and so much more. Firefox even has an add-on that you can use to surf the web using voice commands.

With multiple tabs you can open several pages in one window.  You can even organize tabs into groups with the Panorama feature. Use the reading mode to slice through distracting ads on a page and view only the text of a site.

Firefox's address search bar is called a Smart Location Bar.  If you can't remember the exact address of a website you previously visited, you can type in a word of the address or the title of the page, and Firefox will intuitively understand your search request.  Firefox is one of the fastest browsers for internet searching as well.

The most unique thing about Mozilla is that it is a non-profit organization, and Firefox is open source, which means the original source code is available to anyone to change as a collaborative effort. Volunteers do much of the work to keep it running.

With it's simple design, lightening fast speeds and top rated commitment to your privacy, you have every reason to make Mozilla Firefox your browser today!

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