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Opera is a fast, safe, and easy to use web browser. It includes improvements to maximize speed on slower computers and networks. It protects you from fraud and malware on the web. With a clean, modern look, and simple features, it is easy and quick to use. It’s many intuitive features will enhance your browsing experience. With over 1,000 add-ons, you can customize your browser and make it your own.

Even when your network is sluggish, you can browse quickly with Opera. With Turbo-Mode switched on, it shrinks the web content that your computer receives. You can use less data and load pages and content more quickly. This feature works great on public, crowded networks, such as at a busy café.

Safety is a priority for Opera. Opera can protect you from malware and fraud by presenting a large warning when you attempt to connect to a suspicious website. Opera will block insecure content, such as scripts and plugins, even when on a secure page. And icons clearly indicate important details about the security of the page you are visiting.

Opera keeps it simple with a clean and modern look. It combines the search and navigation bar, making searching and browsing a breeze. With visual bookmarks, where your favorite sites appear as thumbnails, you can get back to interesting sites more quickly.

Opera can enhance your browsing experience with its unique features. With Opera’s restyled news feature, you can get to the latest articles in your language straight from the browser’s start page. Recently closed tabs, tab cycling and other small improvements save you time online. An easy way to bring more of your style into Opera is by changing the browser theme.

If you are looking for a simple, fast, safe, and easy to use browser, make Opera your new go-to browser.  

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