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The Free PDF to Word converter is an app for converting PDF files into Microsoft Word documents. Using artificial intelligence, the app can convert PDFs into Word documents using a premium conversion engine.

This free software can easily detect and handle images in the PDF document. The freeware supports UTF encoding as well. The resulting Word document is entirely formatted and can be edited easily. Moreover, it is a standalone application, and users do not need to install any supplementary software on their computer.

This Free converter is very easy and simple to use. There is no specific skill level required for this app. Users of all aptitudes can easily use the freeware to generate quality Word documents for their needs.

The PDF to Word converter overcomes the drawbacks of keeping files in portable document format (PDF). Files in this format are inflexible and cannot be easily edited, since they are essentially an image or screenshot of an original document. Especially in their scanned form, it is hard to convert such documents into an editable version. Furthermore, users need to install Adobe Reader or a similar, PDF-compatible software or plugin to open such files. In addition, PDF documents can be hard to read on a computer screen, and they require a lot of scrolling on the users’ part to be navigated in full.

This converter enables quick and easy conversion of PDF files with effective and quality results. Converting PDFs into Word files make for convenient editing as well as insertion of notes, charts, images, graphics, tables, hyperlinks, citations, bookmarks, comments, footnotes and other forms of data. Users can easily make editions and improvements in content, correct grammatical errors using the “grammar and spell check” function.

What this app offers users:

  • Conversion of PDF files into Microsoft Word .doc format
  • Prepare documents and files for easy editing of content, images, paragraphs and pages
  • Combine and merge documents
  • Creation of superior Word files complete with quality images and other graphics
  • Easy import of PDF documents
  • Freeware handles imbedded images using a sensory system
  • Powerful conversion software
  • Absolutely FREE of cost
  • Uses artificial intelligence as well as a fast conversion engine

With this converter, users no longer need to spend hours on end trying to find the right editing solution for their PDF files. This free software is fully aligned to their content requirements. All that is required is the input file to be converted and, in next to no time, users will have a fully editable Microsoft Word .doc file, ready for use.

The program is of beginner-level simplicity, meaning all users can easily integrate it for their needs. The converter can easily change output variables like the document name and destination. Also, it supports the content-only conversion for users who are pressed for time, ignoring images in the input document to save speed and power. Moreover, it is a very flexible tool that maximises utility and value for users. There are few and specific options with this app, making it effortless and uncomplicated to use.

It’s the perfect solution for instant document editions!

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