PhotoScape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos.
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PhotoScape is a great tool for enhancing photos. It is a software that makes editing fun and stress-free. The key features of PhotoScape are some of the most basic tools anyone can use. It is jam-packed with diverse solutions to photo editing problems.

Main features of PhotoScape

A crappy shot can still be fixed. PhotoScape provides aesthetic remedies to photos that need a little touch up. Colors, brightness, white balance, backlight, and size are adjustable. Other attractive features include being able to draw pictures, balloons, add frames and customized text.

One can also do an overlay of filters. Some remarkable filters give photos a certain “mood.” It also has the much needed red-eye removal. This is perfect for those portraits that were shot with a flash in dim lighting. Cropping, doing a mosaic, and blooming are a fuzz-free task. The paintbrush renders a smooth surface. The clone stamp can duplicate photos in an instant. There is also an effect brush that is suitable for those who would like to take it to the next level. The possibilities are endless.

Other cool features

Who knew that a photo could be sliced into several pieces without much effort? This is possible through the Splitter function. Working with multiple photos has never been easier. Page creates final photos using multiple images on the page frame. There is also a tool that joins images in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Clicking Combine can save these images as one file.

GIFs are really popular nowadays and it is not difficult to make one. This works by combining multiple photos to create one final animated photo. Another interesting tool is Screen capture. It is devised for instantly saving what the screen exactly looks like. With Face search, finding similar faces on the Internet can be as easy as the click of a button.

Making a hardcopy is also imaginable. Printing photos can be done effortlessly. Portrait shots, Carte de visites (CDV), and passport photos can be printed out with a few steps. PhotoScape can also help in printing using lined, graph, music, and calendar paper. If the editor would rather have a softcopy, the Viewer tool can be used. It makes gorgeous slideshows from a folder.

There are also efficient timesaving options. Editing photos one by one can be a waste of time. Batch Editor does the job of editing many photos at once. Rename is helpful in changing photo file names in batches.

PhotoScape caters to unique editing needs that other software are not capable of. Mac users can take advantage of this software just by downloading PhotoScape X and VideoBlend for Mac. This software is updated often. File incompatibility is never a problem as it can convert RAW photos to JPG. Most of all, it is easy to use and free of charge.

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