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Capturing pokemon in Pokemon Go for iOS & Android

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Showing gym leaders & pokestops in Pokemon Go

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Pokémon Go is taking 2016 by storm. Players worldwide are taking to the streets in this location-based, augmented reality game.

You start off choosing and customizing your avatar in Pokémon Go. Once complete, you are guided on how to capture Pokémon in the game. It deviates from previous Pokémon games where you do not fight wild Pokémon. Instead, you need to move around to find Pokémon. Once you are close enough to a Pokémon, they appear on the game map. Just tap on them and get ready to catch them!

The Pokémon capture process is simple. Using the PokéBall at the bottom of the screen, you throw it towards the Pokémon to catch it. Adding tricks to your throw can earn you more Experience Points (XP). XP is needed to level up your character to unlock gym battles and tougher Pokémon.

Once you capture a Pokémon, you earn two types of currency: Stardust and candy. Candy is unique to each Pokémon, which is needed to increase their Combat Power (CP) or to evolve them. Increasing a Pokémon's CP needs Stardust and candy, while evolving only needs candy. Capturing more of the same Pokémon earns you more Stardust and candies.

Hit Level 5 and you'll be able to choose a team to fight for. Teams are only for the competitive elements to the game. Each team has a colour assigned to them. They are as follows:

  • Red – Team Valor
  • Blue – Team Mystic
  • Yellow – Team Instinct

As players choose a team, they can then enter and compete in Pokémon Gyms. Gyms, much like traditional Pokémon games, is where players can compete against one another. While no badges can be earned, players who defeat the Gym Leader will be the new Gym Leader for that location. You can then capture the gym from an opposing team, or you become the new Gym Leader for your team.

Being a Gym Leader has its own rewards. As long as you keep control of the gym, you'll gain rewards. The longer you or your team controls the team, the more rewards you get. Rewards can be potions, revives or PokéCoins. PokéCoins is the in-game currency to allow you to buy from the in-app purchases. Purchases you make from the store might be more PokéBalls, or incense to attract Pokémon.

Other points of interest in the world of Pokémon Go is PokéStops. These locations are places in the world that are worth visiting. When you visit a PokéStop, select the area on your map. You then spin the coin in the center of the screen to get rewards from visiting the PokéStop. Like gyms, you get rewarded for every visit you make.

Note that PokéStops are on a timer, so you'll only be able to visit these locations a few times every hour. These can be a great way to replenish your supplies of PokéBalls, as well as find eggs.

Eggs can be hatched using an incubator and walking the distance for that egg. The walking distance needed can be 2 kilometers, 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers. Once the walking distance has been walked for the incubated egg, you can then hatch it. The longer the distance, the rarer the Pokémon will be.

Join millions of players worldwide and become a Pokémon Master in your neighborhood. Don't forget: Gotta Catch 'em All!

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