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Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game.  It combines all of the elements of the original Pokemon game with unique places, characters and plots that will keep you excited to the very end.  It takes place in Tandor, a tropical region with 14 towns and cities to explore, 8 gyms with various themes, 5 side quests, and 16 routes, where you'll interact with 7 different characters, not including the leaders of each gym. 

You play the 13 year old main character.  After your mother dies in a nuclear power plant accident and your father leaves, you have no where to live, so you start using Pokemon training as a way to earn a living.  You and your rival, Theo, begin assisting an expert on Pokemon elements, Professor Ernest Bamb'o .  

A new power plant is being built and the radiation is causing the Pokemon to act differently and start hurting people.  The Professor is on a quest to research Pokemon and to discover how their behavior is changing from the nuclear radiation, and he needs your help!  The three of you will explore Tandor together, training new Pokemon, and uncovering secrets about the plot.  You'll also encounter two other professors, Professor Cypress and Professor Larkspur, who may be helpful or treacherous.

After leaving your home town of Moki, you will find many different cities where you can build up your experience in Poke Centers and stock up on supplies in Poke Marts.  From small towns to expansive cities, each one offers something fun or challenging.  You can rename your Pokemon, teach them skills such as Magnetic Rise, Role Play and Nasty Plot, and find underground tunnels that allow you to move quickly from one town to another.

The gym leaders you encounter will challenge you in various ways, and you'll have the opportunity to receive badges when you defeat them, such as the Surf Badge and the Salsa Badge .  The side quests will give you additional backstory and clues about what happened to your mother, ask you to investigate crop circles, help a scared little boy, and unearth hidden fossils. 

Both your father and Theo's father are involved in the adventures. Your father, who has been away traveling, starts questioning whether your mother really died in a nuclear power plant accident a decade before. Your father believes your mother may still be alive, and as he searches for clues about her disappearance, hopefully you'll both found out the truth.

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