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Could you imagine getting paid to discover fun and useful apps in your free time? You don’t have to imagine any longer now that Showbox makes this possible! With Showbox you can earn cash rewards every week for downloading fun new apps and games onto your device. Receive even more points by sharing or recommending Showbox to your friends!

Showbox is an app designed to benefit both smartphone users and app developers. As a smartphone user, you get to try out new apps and games, and get paid to do so. In return, app developers have a pool of users to try their apps, test their apps, and boost their search rankings on Google.  

Earning rewards is simple. Once you download and open the app, you will be presented with a list of offers that you can complete. Use the link to download the offer, and follow the instructions provided to receive cash points. Often it is as simple as downloading and installing the offered app. Other times you may be required to actually use the app for a certain amount of minutes or reach a certain level. In either case, though, you will receive cash-points which can be cashed out via PayPal or in the form of Amazon gift cards at the end of every week.

The offers vary and there are new offers daily. There are games, lifestyle-apps, sports-apps, and more. Sometimes you can earn a few points by simply watching a video or liking a Facebook page. If you recommend the app to friend, you can earn 50% of their points during their first month. The app even has a weekly contest in which you can win and extra $10 for being one of the top scorers for the week.

We all download new apps and games every week. Why not get rewarded for doing so? Download Showbox, and get paid to try out new apps and play games!

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