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Skype is primarily known as a video calling service, and it is popular for its high quality picture and array of free options. It can also serve as a home phone, and can be used for texting, international calls and more.

Skype's video calling feature is completely free, and it allows you to both see and hear other Skype users when you call them. If you call someone and they don't answer or if you just don't have time to talk, you can leave them a video or voice message.

You can even have groups video chats with up to 10 other Skype users for free. With group chats, you can choose to have the person speaking show up in a larger window on your screen, or you can keep everyone's window the same size and have the speaker's window highlighted.

Skype chat has fun features like emoji, and you can use group chats to share pictures and messages with multiple contacts at once. You can also share files and photos right in a message.

The translator feature can translate voice calls, video calls and instant messages.

Skype provides other features for a fee including the ability to call people who don't have Skype on their mobile or home phones. Pay as you go is 2.3 cents per minute in the US, or you can get unlimited calls to the US and Canada for only $2.99. For $13.99 per month, you can get unlimited world wide calling, and try out the first month for free. You can also buy Skype credit for $10 at a time and use it until it runs out. Texting is 11.2 cents per message and is outbound only, unless the recipient knows your number.

As part of the Voip service, you can even get your own Skype phone number, making it a completely viable option to replace a home phone, minus the ability to make emergency calls. A Skype number is $18 for 3 months or $60 for a year. Your Skype calls can also be forwarded to your phone.

Skype is user friendly with a minimalist interface. You can see your contacts and the most recent contacts, and choose from different viewing options to change the layout. You can set your status to either Away, Online, Do Not Disturb, Invisible or Offline.

To get started, you'll need to create a Skype or Microsoft account and create a Skype user name. If you've ever signed up for Hotmail or Outlook, you already have a Microsoft account you can use. You'll be prompted to find existing contacts from Facebook or your email, or you can add your contacts manually.

Skype also offers special features for business customers, including website buttons so customers can easily contact you, and Skype Manager which allows several sub-accounts on one line.

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