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Bringing team communication in to the 21st century, Slack improves communication within your team. Its main benefit is to reduce unnecessary emails or meetings. Slack allows users to collaborate and communicate by channels or direct messages.

The service started as an internal tool for Tiny Speck. Its creation led to improved discussion amongst the team and reduced the need for emails. It was so popular amongst the team, it was spun out to be a service for public use.

From its public launch in August 2013, Slack has surpassed over a million daily active users. Several of these users are also paid subscribers, which offers extra features.

Such features paid subscriptions can get are:

  • unlimited archive searches
  • unlimited apps & service integrations
  • group calls within the app

Many features within Slack are available to users at no cost. Some limitations are in place, but for many these are generous and often won't limit your use.

Should you need to upgrade to a paid subscription, Slack adopts a Fair Billing Policy. This means that you will only be billed for active users, even if that is fewer than the total users subscribed. In the event a user becomes inactive, Slack will provide a prorated credit to your account for that user.

Administrators can decide how users can join channels and discussions. Channel groups can be open to everyone, or private and receive an invitation.

Slack also has support for many devices. As a software as a service (SaaS), Slack works on almost every device with an internet connection. Further, apps are available for desktop, mobile and tablet. You can keep in sync with discussions no matter where you are.

If you need to bring your workplace in to the 21st century, Slack can help. Allowing your team to collaborate easier than by email is worth it alone. With over a million users, there's many that agree Slack is worth the switch from chains of emails.

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