Slender: The Eight Pages, is an indie first-person horror game based on a mysterious mythical figure... the Slender Man.
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Slender: The Eight Pages, originally titled Slender, is a short, first-person horror videogame developed by Parsec Productions. The game is based on a mysterious mythical figure known simply as the Slender Man. Surviving accounts of the figure describe him as a tall, white-faced man with no distinguishable facial features, clad in a black, monotoned suit and a red tie. The only known fact about this mysterious entity is his penchant for abducting small children under mysterious circumstances.

Slender: The Eight Pages provides a deeper glimpse and insight into one of the more popular urban legends through a short video game whose central objective is to defeat this enigmatic entity at its own game: secrecy and furtiveness.

As the sole player, your goal is to collect eight manuscripts relating to the Slender Man. To do so, the player (you) must venture into deep parts of the woods and abandoned buildings alone at night, and find the eight pages before the Slender Man finds them. Every page found reveals some facts about the Slender Man. At every turn, the player must dodge this persistent and relentless enemy who is hot on their trails.

As the player collects more pages, the atmosphere becomes darker, foggier and more hostile, and the Slender Man draws ever closer to them, though the player’s own speed increases side by side. However, the character is hampered by the darkness that surrounds them, a clear disadvantage in the Slender Man’s own territory. The only weapon the player has is a flashlight, which has limited life and will eventually run out if they leave it on for long. The player can also “jog” along the forest tracks, but prolonged jogging will tire them out. If it takes the character too long to collect a note, or if they stare at or come into direct contact with the Slender Man, the “game over” sign appears.

Even if the character has successfully found the eight manuscripts, the Slender Man will still chase them. Once armed with all the manuscripts, the player can walk around the forest for a while before the Slender Man appears from behind and the game ends. However, if you have managed to collect the eight pages, you can unlock new game modes.

The game was released on June 26, 2012 as a beta for OS X and Microsoft Windows, and utilizes the Unity game engine. It is a free and downloadable video game. The eerie darkness and the deep reaches of the forest integrate an unnerving and chilling atmosphere into the game. The goal of the game is simply to collect the manuscripts, but there is an entire strategy and tactic behind it. The player has to walk through dark paths armed with only a flickering flashlight, and avoid the Slender Man who is a master at elusiveness. This requires the player to develop a plan to foil the Slender Man’s attempts to catch them while they move from place to place looking for the manuscripts. Slender: The Eight Pages assimilates the right combination of pacing, audio, atmosphere and tension, making it a standout in the horror genre.

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