No matter what you're working on, Snagit helps you capture great looking images and videos with just a few clicks.
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Snagit is a software that can do unique tasks with screen-captured images. It goes beyond the simple function of saving what is going on in the screen, and has a lot of creative ideas to offer. Most especially, this software is designed for anybody, from the beginner to the most advanced user.

What are the main features of Snagit?

Scrolling capture - Not everything contained in the screen is needed. This feature allows the editor to specifically capture the essential parts. This works by just dragging and clicking the preferred region. Other software can also do this but what makes Snagit more effective is that quality is not reduced. Every image is pixel-perfect, no matter what size. For users working with screens that are not wide enough, resolve this problem by simply dragging either the horizontal, vertical, or the entire desired area.

Conversations can also be facilitated using images. The editor can add customized thought bubbles, colorful arrows, lines, and texts to spruce up the screen-capture image.

Video capture – This feature is very popular nowadays because it helps in making tutorials. It can show others how to get things done by recording every step that the user is doing on the screen. The user can also narrate to make the project even more understandable. This file can then can be saved and played as a video. As with the typical screen capture, the saved file is likewise editable.

This makes it brilliant for teachers and office workers who often make presentations. This tool saves a lot of time and effort in producing informative videos. Viewers can better understand presentations or videos that are simple. Their attention is more focused on the content.

Mobile capture – This is tremendously useful for those who spend a lot of time using smartphones. Snagit makes it possible to capture without using computers. With TechSmith Fuse, the user can make a screen capture on his or her phone and send it directly to the Snagit editor. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy this app.

Other excellent features of Snagit

With Snagit, screen captured images and videos can be saved in many formats. The finished files can be saved as JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, or just a regular Snagit file. This will assure the user that other people can open the file without compatibility complications.

Another Snagit feature is for file sharing. With this, saving and sending to many platforms is a breeze and it is now possible to send photos through Google Drive, YouTube, and Evernote, among many others.

Open for everyone who wants to give editing a try, Snagit offers a free trial.

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