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Perfect your photos with Snapseed! Snapseed is a dynamic yet simple photo-editing app. Unlike most other photo-editing apps, Snapseed is aimed at more discerning photographers, and packs all of the photo-editing tools you could want. With Snapseed, you can crop, rotate, adjust exposure and white balance, tweak shadows and highlights, tune, enhance, adjust brightness, and more, all with a touch of a finger. By creating stacks, or new layers, every time you make an edit, Snapseed makes tweaking and perfecting your photos a snap!

Snapseed includes all of the basic tools you would expect from a photo-editor. With it you can crop to standard aspect ratios or even free-crop. You can easily rotate an even 90 degrees or free rotate to straighten out your image. Use auto-tune for instant fixes. With Ambience you can create depth and vibrancy that uniquely adapts to colors and fine tune brightness, saturation, contrast, and more.

Also included are more advanced tools for more experienced users. It can exposure and white balance, add structure and more in DNG RAW images. It also can adjust perspective across vertical and horizontal axes, then fill in empty areas after rotation. It also enhances details with traditional sharpening or the unique structure control that makes a photo’s subject pop.

Use Snapseed’s filters to add style to your photos. Lens Blur draws attention to the subject of your photo by blurring and adjusting the brightness of the surrounding background. With Glamour Glow, you can add a glow to the image that really enhances your glamour and fashion shots. Tonal Contrast brings out fine contrasts across shadows and highlights. HDR Scape brings a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures. Grunge is a rough, edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays Grainy film makes your photo look like modern film. Make any photo look like a vintage color film photo with the Vintage filter. Retrolux makes your photos look truly retro with light leaks and scratches. Noir Makes your image look like a black-and-white film! Black & White is the more classic Black and White look. Also, you can add frames and edges to enhance the look of your photos.

In Snapseed, every time you make an edit or apply a filter it creates a new stack, or layer so you can keep track of every change you make. You can delete or tweak individual Stacks at any time without affecting other edits you've made.

With basic and easy-to-use tools for beginners, and features that are useful even to professionals, Snapseed is a must-download for anyone who takes photographs.   

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