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Spotify is a streaming music app that boasts a catalog of 20 millions songs by both popular and indie artists. In addition to music, Spotify also has audio books, comedy, radio, poetry and speeches, and it provides high quality sound and stable streaming.

Spotify's free version has advertisements, and you can listen to play lists on shuffle mode and skip a limited number of songs. The premium version allows you to listen to music offline and play any song on demand. The Premium version also has better audio quality, and for $5 extra per month, you can add additional users to a Family Plan.

You can connect with other Spotify users in several ways. Spotify connects to facebook, making it easy to send music to your friends. You can also follow artists through the social sharing feature. Other ways to connect include listening to play lists other people have created or collaborating on play lists with your friends.

The interface is clean and user friendly, and the dark background makes album covers pop. It includes options to see trending albums and play lists, and to search through folders organized by category. You can save your favorite music or play lists in the Your Music section, and you can organize songs by artist, song and album, recently added, and most played. When you save albums, they are automatically added to both your favorite Artists and Songs, so you can easily find them later, no mater which place you look To find more songs by an artist, simply click on their name. In addition, you can find an artist's biography and photos. The Lyrics of each song scrolls by as the song plays, and Spotify offers extra features when a new album launches, such as commentary from the band or producers.

The Radio features allows you to choose artist, song, playlist or genre, and will play a continuous stream of music based on your preferences. Or you can use offline syncing to connect up to 3 devices to listen to music when you're without internet access. With Spotify Connect, you can stream music to wireless-enabled speakers.

The web player allows you to access your music without installing the desktop client, which is a great option for listening from a work computer, but to get the most out of Spotify, you'll want to install the service on one of your devices.

Spotify's many features and unique connection to social media make it one of the top rated streaming music apps on the market. Download it today and get your groove on!

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