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TeamViewer is a remote access software, perfect for support sessions, online meetings, and team collaboration.

It works across all desktop and mobile platforms, and you can use it instantly with no configuration required. It's easy to set up, even for someone with no technical knowledge

TeamViewer allows users to switch the control of two computers back and forth, which makes cooperative work a breeze. This feature allows multiple people to work on one project on one computer at the same time, like on a spreadsheet or a document. You control what aspects of your computer they will have access to and can limit their control to the document only.

Drag and drop files, text, screen shots, images and folders from one device to another without the time and hassle of sending and downloading. TeamViewer also supports online file storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. If you do want to send a file, TeamViewer provides fast data transmissions

You can collaborate with anyone in the world, as TeamViewer supports over 30 languages and international keyboards. Work together is as if you were all in the same room.

Arrange your contacts into groups to separate work and personal projects, or to work on projects with different team members. TeamViewer organizes these groups into tabs. You can even set up different channels for different groups, so that they always have access to each other. TeamViewer will also let you know when one of your contacts is online.

TeamViewer supports voice chatting by phone and VOIP, instant messaging and video conferencing. Instant messaging works both online and offline, and can be used for group chats. The VOIP feature offers high definition sound and echo cancellation.

AES session end to end encryption and RSA 2048 public/private key exchange ensures that your private conversations and sensitive work information stay secure.

You can use the whiteboard to highlight certain parts of the screen that you want your team to see, or to draw on the screen. This feature is useful for training sessions or remote conferences, and you can also video record remote sessions so that they can be used later.

Even if you don't have a team with which you want to collaborate, you may still find TeamViewer useful for having constant remote access to a computer when you are away from it. You can even print documents remotely by accessing your local computer.

Stop trying to get complicated systems to work. Download TeamViewer to spend more time actually working on your team projects.

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