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Thunderbird is an open source Mozilla desktop email client with a slick interface, useful extensions and some unique features that make it the prefect replacement for your current email account.

Setup is easy and you can even choose a personalized email address. The account wizard can determine server addresses and settings for you, if you don't know this information, and it works with POP3 and IMAP servers. You can also enter the addresses and settings manually.

Thunderbird has the standard email interface with accounts and folders on the left and the viewing window for open emails on the right. However, a unique feature of Thunderbird is how it mimics the look of Mozilla Firefox by using tabs to separate emails on a top menu bar. The tabs from your last session will automatically be restored the next time you open Thunderbird. You can customize the look of the Thunderbird interface with a variety of skins.

If you're switching from Outlook, Thunderbird will let you import your contact list, or you can use the One Click Address Book. This feature has a star you can click to easily add anyone to your contacts directly from the email they sent. Click one more time and add their birthday, picture or other information. Thunderbird builds your contact list with every email you send or receive, and automatically suggests contacts when you start typing in the “To” field.

You can search the web directly from your email with Thunderbird's built in search bar. You can also use the search bar to find and filter emails.

Junk mail filters automatically remove unwanted spam, and when you mark suspect mail as either good or junk, Thunderbird learns to recognize your preferences and gets better and better at filtering mail accurately. You can also set the junk mail filter to different levels of sensitivity.

Thunderbird saves your email drafts every 5 minutes, so you never have to worry about losing an email again. Additionally, you can compose multiple emails at once with separate tabs. If your email mentions an “attachment,” Thunderbird will remind you to actually attach something. Thunderbird Filelink lets you share large documents with a link, instead of as an attachment, to save time and space.

Use Facebook Chat, Google Talk, IRC, Twitter, and XMPP to message your contacts directly from Thunderbird in a full screen chat viewer. It saves previous conversations and you can create a local alias for each account.

Thunderbird also offers a variety of extensions including calendars and tasks, and has no pesky advertisements.

From the creators of Mozilla, Thunderbird's open source innovation is sure to simplify your communication. Download it today!

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