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Our modern world revolves around technology.  Why not let it help you find love?

Tinder is a dating app that helps you find matches who live near you.  That funny girl in your class?  That nice guy at your job?  You've been wanting to strike up a conversation, but you're just too scared.  Tinder can help you connect with them or help you find matches you've never met. 

Simply set up your profile, and Tinder will recommend potential matches to you based on information gathered from facebook such as location and common interests.  Because the information is based on what people share on facebook, there is less of a chance of the person claiming to be someone they aren't.  After all, this is all the same information they are sharing with their family and friends. 

Tinder lets you get to know relevant information about the potential interest of your affection, beyond just their looks.  You can view their profile and find out where they went to school, in what industry they work, or whether you have first or second degree mutual friends.  Meeting someone you really like only to find out that their religion or political views are diametrically opposed to your own is awkward to say the least.  So Tinder now requires profiles to include this information if people want to use versions newer than 4.4.3.  This helps you find matches that are compatible in the areas that are the most important to you.

As you browse, you just swipe left if you want to move on to the next profile or swipe right to let Tinder know you'd like to message this person.  No one likes to be rejected, and Tinder makes sure you never have that sinking feeling of being pushed away.  When you swipe right on your crush's picture, they'll never know unless they also swipe right on yours.  Then Tinder lets you both know that your feelings are mutual and lets you start messaging each other.  

Tinder has both a free and paid version.  The free version limits the number of times you can swipe right on profiles.  The paid version is $19.99 per month for people over 28 and only $9.99 for people under 28.  Teens as young as 13 can use Tinder, and it has a protection feature that will not allow anyone under 18 to be matched with anyone over 18. 

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