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Test your knowledge with Trivia Crack, a game of wit and strategy!
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Test your knowledge with Trivia Crack, a game of wit and strategy! Challenge your friends and share your achievements. Obtain all of the characters and be crowned the victor. Grow your knowledge while you are having fun!

Start the game by spinning the wheel. The wheel is split into seven sections, representing the categories of questions, specifically art, science, sports, entertainment, geography and history. The seventh section is the ‘special’ section. When the wheel lands on a certain section, you have to answer a question in that category. When the wheel lands on the special section, you can go for the crown or challenge your opponent. You can answer a question for chance to acquire a new character or challenge for a chance to steal one of your opponent’s characters.

In a challenge, each player must bet one of their characters. Both characters are presented with the same six questions. The player who answers the most questions correctly wins the challenge! If the challenger is victorious, he will get the character betted by the opponent. If the defender wins, he gets to keep his character, and the challenger loses the character he bet.

To win the game, you must obtain all six of the characters. In order to obtain the character, you must answer three questions in a row, or land on the special portion of the wheel. Each character represents a different category: Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History.

Earn more spins by sharing with your friends. Extra spins allow the player re-roll the wheel in order to get a new category of question. Get more extra spins by requesting their friends through Facebook, or buying more from the in-app store.

Trivia Crack includes hundreds of thousands of questions, the ability to create your own questions, chat with your opponents, and the chance to learn more while having fun! Prove to your friends how smart you are by downloading Trivia Crack and challenging them today, or grow your knowledge by playing random opponents!

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