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A robust, feature-rich, and lightning fast web browser, UC Browser is a great alternative to tradition and default browsers. Because it utilizes more than 200 patents, unique features, and data-reducing, speed-increasing technology, UC Browser is sure to enhance your browsing experience.

This app is powerful and loads pages very quickly. UC Web, the maker of UC Browser, relies on its extensive patent portfolio to provide great features that are both easy to use and intelligent.

For example, with advanced compression technology, the browser is not only faster but can save you on data usage, and therefore money. Also, using its pre-load technology, pages are loaded before you view them. This improves browsing speed even further. The app can even automatically display the version of the page that is best suited for your connection speed.

UC Browser also boasts a full download manager. This super download manager supports ultra-fast, multi-threaded downloads, and resumes downloads even if you lose the connect for a time. The browser’s advanced servers speed up and stabilize downloads. When saving a webpage, you can choose which elements of the page you want to keep, a feature useful for when you want only the images or want to save on space.

While it has many of the bells and whistles you have come to expect from traditional browsers, such as multi-tab browsing and embedded search engines, there are unique features that cannot be found on any other app. For example, ADblock, as it develops further with help from users, will block most of the annoying ads found on pages in order to speed up browsing. Night-mode makes it more comfortable to use in the dark, and protects your eyes. URL auto-completion makes entering websites a snap. Facebook mode, designed especially for Facebook, speeds up social-networking no matter how fast or slow your connection is.

With unique features, amazingly fast browsing, and lightening-like downloading speeds, UC Browser goes above and beyond, and will certainly become your new favorite, go-to web browser.


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