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Negotiate with the Monsters. Or Kill Them All. Your Choice with Undertale.
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Undertale is a role playing game with a rich story line about the plight of monsters trying to survive and escape, after being banished to the underworld following a war with the humans.

You are a child named Frisk who is trapped in this underground world with these monsters. Will you escape? Or will you be lost forever?

Unlike many RPGs, the entire focus of the game is not to kill and maim. Instead you use negotiation and strategy to work your way out of sticky situations.

With that said, it's not an entirely peaceful world either. When you battle monsters, you'll have to control your soul, represented by a heart, and protect it from the king who needs seven human souls to break the magical barrier to the surface world. In these battles, you can choose between killing monsters or sparing them, if you win the fight. The more aggressive you are with the monsters, the harder they are to defeat.

The monsters are complex characters. Some want to return to the surface of the earth from where they originally came. Some are friends and some are foes. It's your job to make wise decisions about who to trust, and your choices will determine the story's plot. Throughout the game, you'll learn about the monster's feelings and motives, which can help you make good decisions.

One of the monsters is a goat-like creature who will attempt to mother you and protect you. You'll learn a lot from her about how to solve puzzles, but when she tries to adopt you and keep you, you'll need to escape. Other monsters include a sentient flower, skeletons, dogs, and a character who previously fell into the underworld named Chara, who may try to turn Frisk evil.

New elements are introduced throughout the story, keeping the plot interesting, and witty humor makes it even more fun. You'll explore a variety of towns, villages and dungeons that each have their own puzzles you must complete.

Created by an indie developer, this game has all of the essential elements for a compelling RPG, without bombarding you with useless frills. The developer also wrote the soundtrack, which has been hailed as a video game masterpiece.

If you're ready for an RPG with a deep plot and fascinating characters, download Undertale today!

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