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Turns your home network into a home media server.
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Universal Media Server turns your home network into a home media server. With a home media server, you can stream videos, music, and photos throughout all of the devices on your network. You can even put all of your media and files, such as pictures and movies, on a network-attached storage device and use that as your server if you don't want to store all of that content on your computer. You can then have access to all of your files from any device on your network.

After downloading UMS to your computer, you can easily create your server via the main panel, which you will have to access from your desktop toolbar since the program initially runs in the background. UMS automatically detects compatible media renderers on the network, from Windows Media Player to Google Chrome, to an Android phone, and displays the IP addresses in the Status tab for each device.

In the Navigations/Share settings you can tell UMS which folders to make available on the server. When it first launches, the program scans everything on your system and makes it available. From here you can make your media nice and manageable with different folders for music, movies, and photos.

Once you've perfected your server settings, you can then start enjoying your media by launching the UMS Web interface in your browser. With it, you can sort through all your files with ease. UMS downloads art to use as thumbnails for movies and songs to make navigation easier and more visually pleasing.

Along with the media you upload, UMS also offers Web content through its third-party plug-ins. Installing these plug-ins through the main panel causes them to appear in the Web interface. Plugins include integration with GoogleMusic, Banshee, and other platforms. Other plugins make it possible to stream content from the web.

Using Universal Media Server to stream videos, music, and photos throughout devices on your home network is convenient and fun.

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