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Viber is a video calling and messaging app that you can use to make calls around the world for free.

You can avoid costly long-distance charges, using up your phone plan's minutes and paying for SMS texts. The calls are high quality video and sound on any 3G, 4G or Wifi connection.

Setting up Viber is simple and easy. All you have to provide is your phone number, which becomes your Viber ID, and your name. You can add a profile picture if you'd like, as well. Viber's verification process is seamless, as it will send you a text message with a verification code and then automatically detect the code and enter it.

You can give Viber access to your contact list and it will import your friends. You'll be able to see which of your contacts are already using Viber, and you can invite the people who don't have it. You can also import your Facebook contacts. If you friends have Viber as well, you can use their actual phone number to call them. If you want to call a land line or someone with a cell phone who does not have Viber, you can buy Viber Out credits.

The messaging feature allows you to send messages to anyone, even people who don't have Viber. You can send audio clips to your contacts, attach photos and videos from your library, and share your location with your friends. You can also set up Viber to automatically respond to SMS text messages with a Viber message. You can set up group messages of up to 100 people, and a unique feature of Viber is the option to follow public chats of celebrities and tv personalities.

A variety of animated stickers and emoticons make chatting fun and help you express yourself. Another fun feature is the doodling tool, which lets you draw pictures to send to your friends via message.

The user interface is sleek and intuitive with buttons for Messages, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and More.

Download Viber today to connect with your friends and start saving money on your phone bill!

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