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You can get creative with Vine for PC!

Vine is a video sharing service and a social network, which allows you to easily share the videos you create on Facebook and Twitter, and to find other videos to watch.

Whether you're looking for a video sharing service to use for personal fun like comedy shticks or music, or for something more serious like promotion of your business, you can do it on Vine.

You can record videos right on the Vine app for up to six seconds. It has some neat features that allow you to edit or create stop motion effects as you record. You can also import videos that you took on your phone or camera.

Editing features include duplicate, mute, preview, undo, and a focus lock feature for taking selfies,. There is even a feature that allows you to take videos in low-light conditions.

Vine is supported by Twitter, so you'll find familiar language and features, such as trending topics and users and the ability to revine videos. You can customize your profile, follow your favorite users and interact with your friends by sharing videos, commenting on their videos, and sending them private messages directly from Vine. .

By choosing a category in which to place your video, like Music, Weird, Sports, Art or Comedy, you will make it more likely for people to find your video and love it. Whether they view your video on the app, on Facebook or Twitter, or on a website where it's embedded, each view will be counted towards the loop count. Get enough views, and you just might be the next trending user!

If you think 6 seconds isn't nearly long enough to make an amazing video, think again! Vine users have made cooking demonstrations, hilarious clips of kids being, well, kids (don't your kids take baths in peanut butter?), music videos of the hottest songs, epic sports moments, and so much more. You can use fast motion to show more action in the short amount of time. And if you really need longer than six second to tell your story, you can make a series of videos and create a play list.

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