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Parties and social events are incomplete without music! It is no fun without music but hiring a DJ every time an occasion is celebrated makes one think twice due to added costs. For all those whose heart and soul is music, VirtualDJ offers the most fun and exciting new ways for mixing and reproducing your favorite soundtracks without any professional assistance. DJs can customize the user interface to easily understand and use it as convenient. The default settings can be altered entirely according to the users preference.

VirtualDJ is basically software that can be installed on any Windows or Mac device and is used by most DJs to create digital music by replacing the usual CDs. It has a plug and play option compatible with any DJ controller available in the market. It allows mixing of two or more songs playing simultaneously on the same player unlike iTunes, VLC, and other music players. Besides mixing of audio and video tracks, VirtualDJ also allows crossfading from either ends of the track, adjusting speed with tempo, and applying effects like looping to a create a new medley of the original songs. 

There are three different packages available for VirtualDJ:

  • VirtualDJ 8 is 100% free for home use and has 99% of the Pro version's functionality.
  • The VirtualDJ 8 Pro is for $19 per month with free updates, unlimited controllers and allows professional usage.
  • The VirtualDJ 8 Pro Infinity costs $299. This one time payment and permits professional use with free updates.

VirtualDJ 8 Plus Controller requires one time payment per controller.

Maintaining a library of all songs and organizing them is also made easy with the VirtualDJ that permits users to search for a missing track online instantly. This feature, however, requires a minimal subscription. With the filtering feature, VirtualDJ will dig in for the hot and latest soundtracks and its highly intelligent software will also suggest the users on the songs that will go well with previous songs played on it.

Not only will the VirtualDJ play audio and video tracks, it will also support Karaoke with a projector or computer screen attached with it.

VirtualDJ comes with a glut of effects and anyone can operate it with ease. A built-in sampler allows the user to spice up soundtracks using these creative effects and lives performances and production.

Millions of people are using the VirtualDJ these days varying from home-based casual DJs to International superstars. It is very professional and is currently being used at large scale events like weddings, big stadiums, private parties, beach parties, live clubs and dance parties. This can also be used for training beginners. 

The latest V8 version of VirtualDJ has added novelty and new features like 99 desks, unlimited content. VirtualDJ has kept pace with the fast moving technology and during its lifespan of15 years it has offered the best features in comparison to any other DJ software. Other than producing remixes and medleys, it has been used to record podcast and mixed tapes as well as broadcast music on live radio channels. The sandbox and sampler facility makes it incomparable to any DJ software available in the market.

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