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VLC Player is a free and open source multimedia player. It plays files, discs, web cams, devices, streams, DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs and almost any other type of media.

Not only does VLC Player play DVDs with high quality picture and sound, you can also add effects such as zoom, rotate, and crop, and set brightness, hue and contrast. In addition to the standard controls (play, pause, stop), VLC Player allows you to watch loops or watch frame by frame, and slow the video down or speed it up. You can enable subtitles and control the volume. VLC allows you to to use these features on Youtube videos as well, when you play them from the software rather than from your browser.

With VLC Player, you can listen to internet radio. A searchable directory of radio stations is already on the player or you can access a host of other radio stations on the web. It will show the name of the song and the artist that is currently playing. Repeat your favorite songs or shuffle randomly through your play list. You can save radio stations or pod casts by bookmarking them or by saving a play list file.

Another feature is the ability to record streaming media and save it on your PC, and VLC Player can also record live TV.

In addition to watching streaming videos, you can also stream your own videos by setting it up as a media server. Use VLC Player to create and edit your own videos, including using it as a screen capture software to record yourself making tutorials or playing games. Extract the audio from a video and save it separately, or make a video smaller to play on a mobile device..

Even though this software offers a large range of options, the menu is simple and user friendly. VLC Player's tool bar can be customized, so you can choose which buttons you want to be visible. You can also access the full menu of options by right clicking or customize hot keys.

Additional options are available with plugins and extensions, such as the ability to skip intros and credits and block ads from online radio stations. You can also use skins to change the look of the player. Its CUP usage is low for the job it does and no external codec installation is required.

Scrap all of those limited players you have now, and download the highly versatile VLC Player today!

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