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WinZip is a highly versatile compression tool and file archive manager that allows you to work with all of your local and cloud storage from a single dashboard.

The core features of WinZip are the abilities to open files in a variety of formats and to compress large files to easily save and share them. Winzip can unpack Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP, VHD, XZ and other formats. WinZip can also convert any file to a PDF, including read-only PDFs.

Use Winzip to take photos directly from your camera or phone, and it automatically encrypts them before you share them. You can scan old pictures, recipes and more, and save your images to your computer or on the cloud. It has a watermarking feature, and you can choose where the watermark appears on the image and how transparent you want it to be. You can also rotate and re-size images prior to sharing or saving them.

WinZip syncs with cloud servers like Dropbox, OneDrive, SugarSynch, CloudMe, Box, ZipSend and Google Drive. It maintains your files on whichever server you prefer, and allows you to move files from one cloud server to another. Even though it works with multiple cloud servers at once, you can encrypt, compress, edit, and back up data from one easy to use dashboard.

You can easily share links to your cloud files by email or on social media, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. You can also share instantly through instant messaging services such as Twitter IM, Office 365 groups, Google Talk/Google+ Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber.

This software has a fluid, uncluttered interface, and it works seamlessly with touch screen computers. The Actions Pane shows thumbnails of your files, and you can customize the interface to hide or show different options. The Places list shows all of your file organized by where they are stored, whether they are on your computer, on your network, or onone of the supported cloud servers. The Frequent Folders shortcut allows you easy access to the files you view the most often.

WinZip has highly advanced security features. It protects your files with encryption that is similar to what banks use. You can also choose how complex you want passwords to be, and WinZip will enforce your preferences when you set a new password.

The backup tool can automate the backup process, and even back up different files from different cloud servers, zip them, and distribute them according to the schedule that you set.

The Mac version has a build in mail tool that allows you to email files directly from the Winzip window. It also has keyboard shortcuts for saving and opening files. The Quick Look tool lets you take a sneek peak the contents of a file before you decide if you want to open it. You can easily share files between your Mac and your PC.

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